Nerf Battlefield

Do you love fortnite?!?! Split your party into 2 teams and let them have a blast ducking under and behind our inflatable barricades/obstacles! They will feel like they are in their favorite video game!

$240 for 7 inflatable barricades, 10 nerf guns, 10 face masks. Additional barricades/nerf guns can be added for an additional $10 per item. We can offer up to 20 guns and 20 barricades.

We ask that you do your best to not lose the nerf ball rounds to keep costs down!


There is no delivery fee for Newnan, all other areas will have a delivery fee based on address.

TO RESERVE YOUR EVENT: We require at least 50% of the total payment at the time of booking. We will not hold your rental until at least 50% of payment is received. The other 50% is due the morning of delivery date.

CLEANING FEE: The rented equipment will be inspected for damage. If the equipment needs an unusual amount of cleaning due to food/drink/gum/face-paint, etc. your card will be charged according to the materials and labor hours it takes to return the equipment to the same cleanliness and operational level it was when you rented it.

AGAIN: There are no shoes, food, drinks, face paint, pen/marker/crayon/paint, etc. allowed on the bounce house, as this can cause the vinyl to pop, rip, or stain. Any damage (beyond typical wear and tear) will result in an additional fee to repair or replace the damage done.

WEATHER: If the weather is not cooperating on the day of your event, we are happy to reschedule your date for no additional fees. We can set up indoors if the space is large enough for the rental. Once you book your event, we do turn away other people who want to rent our equipment, therefore if you decide to cancel your event, the 50% deposit will be non-refundable.

Safety: One of the greatest dangers when using inflatables is wind. A strong gust of wind can pull a bounce house into the air, even with people in it. Inflatables must be deflated when winds reach 15mph. No exceptions. Rain does not damage the bounce house. Sandbags or stakes must be used at all times when inflated.

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